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Learn to transform your body, posture & movement by harnessing your innate movement blueprint

Rediscover your natural movement blueprint

You were born with an optimal blueprint for movement. A set of instructions in the form of reflexes and motor patterns or "software" which guide an infant through its first hours on earth through to a walking, talking toddler.

Driven by our nervous system, that blueprint is expressed and reinforced in early life and are the original operating instructions for the human body, creating optimal stabilisation, movement and posture.

Ever noticed how babies move so freely, as though it is effortless? For a range of reasons, as we grow up and move through life we tend to deviate from this blueprint, and we start to develop tension, restrictions and issues.

The good news is that you can rediscover this blueprint at any time. It is still there, patiently waiting for you in your brain and nervous system. You need only access it to carve away years of dysfunctional movement, poor posture, and experience radical transformation for your body.

About Me

Hi, I am Suzanne.

I help my clients find their way back to their body’s natural blueprint for posture and movement. This frees them from tension, inflexibility, pain and chronic postural problems. Their nervous system returns to balance, from which totally new and wonderful things are possible.

In my work I combine my technical knowledge and expertise, intuitive skills with a deep embodied wisdom of having healed my own body in this way. I provide a conduit for your body to receive the healing and support it needs as you learn to re-discover your own natural blueprint. You will develop a new awareness and relationship with your body, and be empowered with knowledge and tools to bring your body back into it’s rightful, health-filled state.

Central to my work is the premise that your body has an innate capacity to heal and come back into balance. It just needs the right guidance and support. When the body presents an issue, it is always with good reason, we don't always see it clearly. We can feel as though our body is letting us down and that we can't trust it. But we can, much more than you know. With awareness and skills you can become an empowered master of your body, connected, aligned and strong. This is the lens through which I work.

It all starts with breath

Breathing is your fundamental movement pattern. You breathe, give or take, 20,000 times per day. If your breath isn't working for you, nothing else will. Find out why...


Transform Your Breath Workshop

Ever struggled to breathe using

your diaphragm? When you breathe in does your chest move toward your head? Do you need help to regulate your nervous system?

  • Find out why breathing is the very foundation of your posture and movement

  • Learn how to correct your breathing easily and automatically

  • Stimulate your vagus nerve and the calming side of your nervous system

Individual Consultation

An Individual Consultation is the best way to specifically address your individual needs and help you to get started on your physical transformation journey.

  • Available online via Zoom or in person

  • Minimum of one individual consultation required prior to entering into a Membership Package

Membership Packages

Membership provides an avenue

to immerse yourself in this healing bodywork practice in a supportive environment with guidance, support and consistency to help propel you foward in your healing journey.

  • Online Exercise Library

  • Weekly Live Zoom Classes with Coaching

  • Online Community and Support

  • Class Replays & Mini Classes

Your Nervous System Holds The Keys to Your Health

Your brain and nervous system hold the innate wisdom and capacity to

bring your body back into a state of balance, stability and strength.

Learn more about this amazing and transformative method.

Client Stories

What My Clients Say

It is truly an honour and privilege to witness the healing

and transformation of my clients. It fills me with joy and excitement as they take leaps forward on their journey,

and begin to realise their potential. Here are some of their stories...

Fractured Lumbar Spine

When I found Suz, I was at my lowest point. I had been in a car accident, fractured my spine and had it surgically fused in four places. I was in so much pain and honestly, I was a mess. What I came to realise through my healing journey was that my body had been screaming at me, probably for years. I hadn’t been listening - now it had my attention...


Chronic Shoulder Injury

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the incredible care and expertise provided by Suz in helping me to heal from a shoulder injury. I had been diagnosed with a SLAP lesion in my left shoulder with humeral subluxation and told the only option was surgery and that my shoulder would never be quite right, even after that. At this point I was unable to use my arm to do pretty much anything and completely unable to lie on my side...


Chronic Hip & Lower Back Pain

DNS was the doorway through which my life changed forever. A major unlocking occurred on the very first session with Suz. After a lifetime of attempting different therapies and enormous personal work to process emotions, it was clear that I still held it all in my physical body. Suz not only found these highly guarded places that no one else had, she allowed me a safe space to release it. WOW! ...


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